Professional Payoll Services

Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants specialise in accounting and financial services for companies in Manchester and the North West of England. With over 30 years of experience in these sectors we feel that we are ideal accounting organisation to meet your business and personal accounting needs.


Let Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants take away the worry and stress of payroll compliance for your company.

You have many obligations as an employer regarding your staff payroll and its reporting requirements to HMRC. Let us shoulder this burden whilst you focus on what you do best which is to develope your business thus giving you peace of mind. We can provide you with a professional effective and seamless payroll service which can operate on a daily, weekly, monthly or four- weekly basis.

Comprehensive professional, effective and flexible payroll services
Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants will provide your company with a bespoke payroll services which fully comply with HMRC regulations.
Our multi company payroll services are provided using the industry stand Sage accountancy software.

Our initial discussions determine what your requirements are and then we provide you with a proposal for a bespoke payroll solution to meet your requirements and budgets.

Setting up your company payroll

  • Understand your current payroll system, how you perform operations and how things can be more streamlined and effectively
  • Transfer your staff payroll information into our multi company accounts and payroll software
  • Agree on the processing of a payroll timetable
  • Make annual tax code adjustments

Processing your payroll

  • Process a payroll run on agreed times
  • Process reports for you to approve
  • Provide payslips
  • Provide Year-End HMRC compliant reporting of all payroll transactions
  • Provide and submit, once approved, full payment submission to HMRC
  • Provide employee P60 paperwork
  • Provide you with reports on overtime, bonuses and commissions
  • Provide you with information on hoe to control the administration of holidays for your staff

General advice

Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants will advise you as soon as new tax regulations come into force to ensure that your company can benefit and become tax efficient.

Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants can also assist with meetings with HMRC in case you have any payroll difficulties

Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants are available to service your needs at any time and are not fixed on a UK 9:00pm to 5:00pm as most of our competitors are.

Riaz Ahmad & Co Accountants have over 30 years of experience in accounting and payroll and have built up fantastic reputation for being a professional, effective caring accounting company

Being a specialist accounts company we can quickly and efficiently adapt to your requirements and ensure that we can provide suitable accounting services for all your needs. We can also offer multi lingual services, with strong emphasis on Urdu, Arabic and Pashto

Please call us on +44 (0) 161 835 9123 if you discuss your accounting and financial information needs.